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About Us

A company steeped in history, culture, and heritage, Torc has been operating for over 50 years in Ireland. Step back in time and discover the journey that led us to where we are today.

About Torc Candles

Established in 1969, nestled in the foothills of Mount Leinster, based in the South-East of Ireland in the picturesque village of Borris, Co Carlow. We started our journey to become master chandlers.

For the first 25 years, we dedicated our craftsmanship to creating candles for the religious sector, with each candle crafted with care and hand-finished. The natural progression was to venture into fragranced candles, which leads us to proudly introduce you to Torc Candles.

We have been on quite the journey of creating artisan candles for over 50 years. Using a unique blend of natural waxes and thought-provoking fragrances sourced from around the world, our passion and ethos are to craft the perfect fragranced moment as the right fragrance can take you back in time.

Our love of all things natural, combined with our passion for fragrance, inspired us to create candles that evoke memories. Joyful memories of time spent with family and very special occasions. As times change, our passion remains, and we continue to evolve, relying on inspiration from our heritage and local tapestry.

Ken and Micky by Borris Viaduct s1

Our History

While Torc Candles has become a household name over the years as a maker of luxury candles in Ireland, one question we often get asked is where did we start? 

Of course, like any good Irishman or woman, we enjoy telling our unique story.

Back in 1968, 53 years ago, Torc Candles was started by Padraig Lennon and three of his close friends. They saw that there was space in the Irish candle market to create artisan candles. This started initially with the religious sector. Torc began selling candles when they were seen as an essential item, used during mass and to light up homes when power outages were a common occurrence.

It wasn’t until the mid-90s, when Ken Keenan (pictured left with the company mascot Mikey) joined the business that a shift would happen within Ireland, and with the emergence of the Celtic Tiger, the country was seeing affluence like it never had before. From there, Torc quickly grew to be the number one candlemaker in Ireland. 

We researched what our neighbours in the UK and mainland Europe were doing. It was a good indicator as, at the time, they were a few months ahead of Ireland in trends.

Our research showed that there was a demand in the market for luxury candles, and Torc was determined to fill that spot. Research began on each candle’s different scents, styles, and ambience. This brings us to the present day, with Torc still dominating the candle market. While proud of our humble beginnings in selling our candles to churches, we have spent the past twenty years honing our craft of being a luxury candle retailer, making sure that each of our candles has a distinct personality and leaves a strong impression on those who purchase them.  


Our Heritage

Our heritage is significant at Torc. It was easy to find inspiration for our company in a country as beautiful as Ireland, steeped in culture and heritage. Even our name, Torc, has a deeper meaning, which goes back in our history. The name comes from the Torc necklace, which was worn around the necks of Celtic warriors in battle. The necklace was a sign of wealth and status in Celtic culture, and by wearing one, you displayed your high rank to others.

The Torc also plays a part in Irish mythology and, in particular, the story of Morann the Arbiter, who wore a Torc around his neck to ensure his honesty and was seen as a symbol of purity, or ‘light’. The Torc is a major part of Irish history, culture, and heritage, so we could think of nothing more perfect than it to represent us.

As part of our heritage, each of our candles aims to evoke feelings of home and happiness. Putting that into a candle is no easy task, but we’re up for the challenge—  just like our Celtic ancestors who wore a Torc necklace into battle.

Our Process

While the exact formula is a well-kept secret, all the ingredients are environmentally friendly. Over many years of research and development, we created a blend of natural waxes that make the most perfect candle possible. Our candles are all made of food-grade wax, which means they’re vegan-friendly.

meet the makers 3

We melt our secret blend of natural wax to begin the candle-making process.

Kathy making candles

When the temperature is right, we carefully add our fragrance to the wax.

candles setting

We then ensure the cotton wick is centred to allow the candle to burn correctly. 

Rachel s6 c

The scented wax is now poured into the container and allowed to slowly cool. The candle will be checked numerous times during this process.

Lil packing box s22

The candle will now be gift packed and sent to our warehouse for distribution

Basket of labels

Add a finishing touch to your purchase with a choice between a gift box or bag.

Our Candles

Combining our history and heritage to create the perfect candle every time.

Finest Fragrances

We use only the finest blend of fragrances to entice your senses and uplift any room, giving it an ambience that suits your mood. Our fragrances are carefully researched, tested, and quality checked before they are put in your hands and we are proud of each and every one of the unique fragrances we carry. 

Kathy making candles s8

Safety is at the forefront of our process, and we are part of the Irish and British candle making association which has strict guidelines on how to safely use a candle within a home. We abide by those guidelines to ensure the safety of all who purchase a Torc candle.

David and Ken

As of 2022, we have reduced the amount of plastic used in Torc by 40%. To do this, we have changed our labels from plastic to paper, and instead of using bubble wrap, we have made the switch to recyclable shredded paper.

Our People at Torc

Our People

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, as there is so much that goes into creating a candle; it takes a team effort to get our candles into your hands. The different departments in Torc come together as seamlessly as our fragrances. 

Our design team is tasked with creating the beautiful designs you see on our containers and packaging.

From ordering raw materials, and test burning to quality control and formula confirmation, the production team are always hard at work, ensuring you receive only the best. 

Once your candle is ready for shipment, it will go to our warehouse team, which ensures it is packed securely and ready for shipping. Our products are then shipped to multiple places,  and we have a sales team on hand to help you with any queries you may have or if you need advice on a product, all are experts in everything Torc and are happy to share their knowledge.

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