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Creating a sustainable future at Torc Candles

Sustainability at Torc

Sustainability is a big part of what we do at Torc. We want to ensure that we are working towards a sustainable future and that the steps we are taking now will be the norm for all companies going forward. 

As part of our sustainability initiative, we made sure to start with our candles. The one thing that is not a secret about our formula is that all of the ingredients are natural, food-grade wax and use 100% cotton wicks. All of our products are made in-house in Borris, Co Carlow, so we know exactly what is going into each and every candle and diffuser. That has always been our way at Torc, but in more recent years we have been focusing even more on a sustainable future and made positive changes to reflect our ethos.


For a Sustainable Future

As part of the Torc sustainability initiative, we took a look at our processes and how we could reduce waste and the use of plastic. As of 2022, we have reduced the amount of plastic used in Torc by 40%. To do this, we have greatly reduced the use of plastic wrapping, changed our labels from plastic to paper.

Another way we are tackling sustainability in Torc is by ensuring all vehicles are electric. All boxes the company uses are recyclable and reusable. We are currently working on a sustainable collection that we are excited to showcase next year. We are constantly improving our sustainability and hope to reduce our plastic use even more in the coming years. 

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