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Rose Petal & Cedarwood

Soothe the soul and help anxiety with our Rose Petal & Cedarwood fragrance

Rose Petal and Cedarwood Tumbler

The warm aroma of cedarwood brings out the rose petal scent for a calming fragrance.

Can’t make it outdoors and take in the nature? Our Rose Petal & Cedarwood collection has soothing qualities that will bring the outdoors inside. The base of sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, and patchouli blend seamlessly together with the beautiful top notes of warm roses in bloom, which will help to soothe and relax. 

Rose Petal & Cedarwood adds a dreamy quality to your day while reducing stress. Make any room more inviting by using this fragrance and have guests feel relaxed and happy.

The Signature Collection

Our fresh Rose Petal & Cedarwood collection has a dreamy quality to it, reducing your stress and increasing your happiness.

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Rose Petal & Cedarwood Gift Set

Have someone you think would love our Rose Petal & Cedarwood collection in your life? Or are you looking to treat yourself? We offer a specialised gift set with both a candle and diffuser in our fresh Rose Petal & Cedarwood scent.

Candle & 200ml Diffuser


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