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Coconut & Orange Flower

Find your inner peace with coconut & orange flowers, artfully combined to enhance your relaxation.

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Relax and find your calm with our coconut & orange flower collection

Transport your mind to the tropical coast, with palm trees swaying in the summer breeze, enhanced with the sweet fragrance of orange flowers that will bring calm to your day. The sweet notes of orange flowers with the fresh coconut fragrance sit on a rich base of cedarwood, amber sandalwood, and white musk mingling together for a sweet and invigorating aroma that will captivate your senses. 

This collection is the perfect contrast of sweet and floral while being subtle enough that it will simply enhance your feelings of happiness.

The Signature Collection

Our Coconut & Orange collection will help relax and soothe you, giving your home a captivating feeling. 

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Coconut & Orange Flower Gift Set

Have someone you think would love our Coconut & Orange flower collection in your life? Or are you looking to treat yourself? We offer a specialised gift set with both a candle and diffuser in our Coconut & Orange flower scent.

Candle & 200ml Diffuser


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