• Cinnamon & Clove Pure 200ml Diffuser
    "Pure Diffuser" is a Luxury scented diffuser range that will permeate your home with a superb fragrance. These diffusers consist of 200ml diffuser oil in 5 compelling fragrances. All diffusers are elegantly presented in sophisticated contemporary packaging. 'Cinnamon & Clove' fragrance Diffuser contains 200ml diffuser bottle and 10" Luxury reed diffusers. Pure Fragrance Diffusers last up to 6 months.
  • Cinnamon & Clove Pure Tumbler
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    An earthy blend of spices, clove has a spicy fragrance which provides the perfect base note, while cinnamon is a sweet, aromatic and distinctive, blended together to make a warm & welcoming fragrance, whatever time of year. 'Cinnamon & Clove' Fragranced Tumbler size - (H)10cm x (dia)10cm. Burn time approx - 95 hours.
  • Cinnamon Spice 4 wick centrepiece
    Large Seasonal 4 wick centerpiece heavily fragranced with festive Cinnamon Spice, presented in Beautiful silver box. Size (H) 14.5cm x (Dia) 18cm
  • Cinnamon Spice Small Silver Lid Tumbler
    Festive one Wick Tumbler, elegantly presented with silver lid and cork base, heavily fragranced with Seasonal Cinnamon Spice
  • A cosy fragrance perfectly balanced between sweet, woody and warm. Opening notes of light spices, cocoa butter and cedar wood are followed by rich vanilla tonka, warm coconut and jasmine petals. Size - (H) 10.5cm x (Dia) 8cm
  • Dark Pomegranate Scented Candle
    An intoxicating blend of fresh pomegranate and sweet plums wrapped in soothing patchouli to create this calming soft scent.
  • A rich blend of precious woods, amber musk and incense which create a warm spicy fragrance. The precious myrrh is a fusion of lemon and pine which forms the sweet woody aroma. It soothes the spirit and calms the soul. Candle Size – Height 10.5cm and Diameter 8cm.
  • Frankincense 4 wick centerpiece
    A rich and luxurious powerful fragrance, this scent embodies the classic and aromatic blend of frankincense and myrrh, complimented with base notes of amber, sandalwood and musk. Size (H) 14.5cm x (Dia) 18cm
  • Fresh Basil & Lime Pure Tumbler
    A crisp, contemporary fragrance which combines notes of wild limes & mandarin, together with aromatic basil & herbs. A fresh and invigorating scent, that has become a modern classic. Fragranced Tumbler size - (H)10cm x (dia)10cm. Burn time approx - 95 hours.
  • Jasmine Silver Lid Tumbler
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    A classy, fresh & uplifting scent, white jasmine fragrance offers a long lasting aroma with prevailing notes of jasmine & lily of the valley.
  • Lime & Mandarin Silver Lid Tumbler
    An uplifting and refreshing blend of fresh limes, peppery basil and citrus notes of Mandarin, mixed delicately with fresh mint.
  • An aromatic blend of potential woods and succulent sweet ambers wrapped in delicate white florals serenaded in heady jasmine.